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Societatea Romana de Oftalmologie

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  Foto Congres 2017                                                                             Foto Congres 2018


Societatea Romana de Oftalmologie a luat fiinta, in actuala forma administrativa,  in martie 1990.

Societatea Romana de Oftalmologie (S.R.O.) este o asociatie stiintifica si profesionala, a medicilor oftalmologi din Romania, avand ca scop:

a) Studiul tuturor problemelor legate de aparatul vizual si de bolile ochiului si anexelor sale;
b) Ridicarea nivelului stiintific, tehnic si deontologic al membrilor sai;
c) Ridicara nivelului asistentei profilactico-curative de specialitate pe intreg teritoriul tarii;
d) Colaborarea cu societatile similare din strainatate si organizatiile internationale de specialitate, in vederea afirmarii si cresterii  prestigiului oftalmologiei romanesti;
e) Educatia sanitara a populatiei, in domeniul oftalmologic;
f) Sprijinirea autoritatilor competente ( Ministerul Sanatatii si Familiei si Colegiul Medicilor ) in rezolvarea problemelor ridicate de deontologia si etica medicala, aparute in practica oftalmologica, a membrilor S.R.O.;
g) Sprijinirea, in calitate de consultant, a forurilor specifice, in crearea programei examenelor de profil, specialitate, primariat, diverse competente;
h) Sprijinirea, in calitate de consultant, a comisiei de jurisdictie a Colegiului Medicilor si a altor institutii.

S.R.O. este administrata de Consiliul de conducere si Biroul Consiliului de conducere.


In atentia membrilor SRO

Pentru a imbunatatii comunicarea SRO , va rugam sa ne trimiteti pe adresa de e-mail,


sau completati formularul (nume,email,mesaj) de la sectiunea “Contact”

http://www.oftalmologiaromana.ro/contact/ ,
datele dvs. de contact si anume:


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Plata Contributiei SRO 2023

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Plata Congres SRO 2022

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Dear Daniela, dear Filip,
Thank you for offering all of us your incredible effort to perfect organising this memorable joint meeting !!!
CONGRATULATION for the high level of the scientific program( I learnt a lot) ,and the astonishing social program!
More and more I feel Romania as my second country.
Cesare Forlini

Dear Mircea,
I’d like to thank you very much for your help, kindness and hospitality during the Congress in Bucharest.
I congratulate to the high scientific level, and I wish You and the Society further success.
Please give my regards to your family, I enjoyed very much meeting them again.
Hope to see you soon.
Best wishes: Zsolt Biro

Dear Filip and Stefan,
thank you so much again for your very kind invitation to speak at the SOE session of the excellent Romanian Congress. To my fellow speakers, Stratos, Cesare, Janos and Marko, thank you for your enlightening talks and great company.
I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and visiting Bucharest though all too briefly. I hope to return soon. The memory of the dinner and concert at the Royal Palace will stay with me for a long time.
Best wishes and hope to meet again soon,
David Keegan

Dear Mircea, Dear Daniela,
Just want to echo David’s words. Thanks very much for a wonderful meeting and for being such gracious hosts. Hope we can do something similar in the future.
Best wishes,
Stefan Seregard – SOE President

I would like also to say many thanks for the great meeting and the wonderful hospitality!!!
Best regards
Stratos Gotzaridis

Dear Professors Daniela Selaru and Mircea Filip,
I would like to thank you very much for your very kind hospitality in Bucharest and for the very special social evenings. I enjoyed very much the SOE Session, and thank you for the invitation.
The Congress was excellently organized and it was very nice to meet with old friends and meet some colleagues for the first time. I was really impressed that both of you and other colleagues were very active in the program development and in the preparation and finalisation of the Sessions, especially those dealing with VISION 2020, ROP and DR where I was involved. It was also a great achievement that the Romanian colleagues had translated the ICO Diabetic Eye Care Guideline to Romanian language and you have published it in CD-ROM and this was delivered to every congress participants. Congratulations! I will arrange to show it also in the ICO homepage.
I am looking forward to working together also in the future,
With my best personal regards
Janos Nemeth

Dear Dr Selaru,
Thank you very much for the excellent organisation, and special efforts
that you have made to provide Macedonian ophthalmologists to be accompanied
with our fellow citizen Dime, and his charming wife Ilinka.
With my personal regards,
Vesna Dimovska

Dear Daniela, many thanks for wonderful meeting and an evening that pictures reflect.
Kind regards,
Marko Hawlina

Dear Daniela,
Thank you very much that you sent photos and also thank you for so warm hospitality. The Congress was organized perfect, the best that can be.
I was so much impressed by all of you and from so nice city as Bucharest is.
Wish to you all the best
Kind regards
Gazmend Kacaniku

Dear Friends,
I would like to thank Daniela and Mircea for organizing a great congress and being wonderful hosts. I was impressed by the high quality of the organization and the scientific content. Congratulations to our Romanian colleagues for their advances in ophthalmology. I have watched the wonderful live surgery session in high definition very skillful surgeons. The social program was very enjoyable. We had a good time at the Bordello and were impressed by the reception at the royal palace.
I have uploaded some photos on the Facebook page you can see them from this link: www.facebook.com/seeos2002 Please  “like” this page and  also ask  your colleagues and assistants to like. It is very important to promote our society.
I thank you all again for your efforts and wish you the best,
Best regards,
Mahmut Kaskaloglu

Draga Dana!
Multumesc mult pentru hospitalitatea excellenta, gratulesc pentru organizarea!
Saluti si Titus, cu drag,
Gábor Rado

Dear Filip,
Congratulations on the perfect organization of the joint event! I am
extremely impressed by the top quality of scientific and clinical
contribution in the Congress of our Romanian colleagues. I would like
also to emphasize our gratitude for the generous hospitality and the
valuable role of Prof. Selaru to the Board during the event. Thanks
again for your personal kind attention to the group of young
ophthalmologists from Bulgaria.
Your efforts for planning the social events resulted in exceptional
success and were enjoyable for all. The highlight of the Congress was
the concert with ceremony and reception at the Palace.
With best wishes for productive and nice fall time. In Bulgaria, right
now is extremely colorful and pleasant.
Best Regards,
Petja Vassileva


A heartfelt thank you to the Romanian Society of Ophthalmology for inviting me as a speaker at their excellent, dedicated to innovations in the field of ophthalmology National Congress and for presenting me with SRO Honorary Member Award! It’s a tremendous honour to receive this award!